New job, New state, New call

Since my last post in November, my life is dramatically different. I changed jobs and industries, and I moved to the great state of Washington. Squeezed between Puget Sound and the Cascades, and watched over by Mounts Rainier and Baker, it is gorgeous here in the Seattle area. I will always be an Ohio boy, but Washington has been good so far. I even got a new callsign to go with my new address. I’m now KK7ZD.

Relocating is time-consuming beyond belief. The summer has been about unpacking, fix-it jobs, finding our way around our new city, and just a little bit of tourism. I’m waiting for the long, rainy nights of winter to set up my lab and resume work on the “Doan Brook” R2/T2 radio.

My new friends in the Western Washington DX Club are twisting my arm to participate in the Washington Salmon Run QSO party next weekend, though, so maybe I will find a bit of wire and my NorCal 40 and see if I can make some contacts with my new call.

I am considering a change in direction for the Skywired blog. My original vision was for a heavily technical focus on hardware projects, but changes in my life mean those kinds of big projects are less feasible. My career and hobby interests span the space where hardware and software meet, so it may make sense to shift focus slightly to include more software content. I’m not going to abandon electronic projects and in-depth tutorials, just cast a wider net for interesting content.