The FPGA boards are here… and they’re purple!

Despite my last post mentioning the lateness of the breakout boards, it turns out they had already arrived.  The mailer was stuck between two magazines in the mail, so my wife and I missed seeing it.  I had hoped to get the PCBs by February 26.  They were here the 22nd.  Oops!

They came out quite nicely, with no obvious defects, and they look quite regal with gold plating and Laen’s signature purple solder mask. How often do you see purple circuit boards?  The gold is nice, too. Laen’s standard boards are have a solder finish, but sometimes some of his customers pay the extra for gold, in which case all the boards on that order come back with gold.

The FPGA board, gleaming and ready for some solder.

I’m looking forward to building up these boards and writing some Verilog to bring them to life.