KK7B R2/T2 Transceiver

KK7B R2 receiver, top sideI bought the R2 receiver and T2 transmitter kits in 1994 but left them unbuilt. In 2012, I wanted to get on the air with a homebuilt radio faster than I could if I designed one from scratch, so it was time to build the kits. I am integrating them into an 3 MHz – 30 MHz (HF) transceiver for SSB and digital modes. The initial version will be single-band, but since I cannot decide which single band I want, I plan to convert it into a multiple-band receiver.


  • R2 single-signal direct-conversion receiver board
  • T2 phasing-type single sideband transmitter
  • Si570-based local oscillator
  • Salvaged case


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